Girdle Update

This previous post provides a detailed survey of the information I have found on Greek belting. Something we know from the evidence is that women’s chitons are frequently girdled under the bust with something that looks like a cord, and that sleeved chitons frequently use a shoulder harness, probably another cord, to pull back the fabric which then gives form to the sleeves. What was unclear at that time was the manner of tying the shoulder harness. The SCA has a trend towards a very complicated shoulder harness style, but the one evidence I had found previously suggested it was a simple figure 8 shape. While in Greece, I was able to peek at the backs of 3 statues with shoulder harnesses and all of them displayed the simple figure 8 style. This supports the idea that this style was not only used, but was possibly the most frequently used style if there was more than one, as I have found no evidence of any other style. Below are the images I took.

From the National Archeological Museum:

From the Delphi Archeological Museum:

I have previously tied my cord around my shoulders and under my bust in such a way that I achieve a similar look with one piece as shown below (photo by Eleri Photography); however, I believe that the shoulder harness and the waist girdle are most likely two separate cords. The reason is that the Charioteer wears the shoulder harness and a completely separate belt, and in the second statue from the National Archeological Museum, there is enough spacing between the shoulder harness and the under bust girdle when viewed from the side that suggests they are separate pieces. 22218457_1467858009967872_8958033311944511021_o.jpg

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