Disk Fibula

In the Great Button Debate, the elusive disk fibula had been presented as the alternative hypothesis for what the round fasteners could be that appear on the peplos and the chlamys. The counter argument is that there are several sets of buttons that have been found verses few disk fibulae. Until today, I had never seen one, despite visiting many Greek museums and exploring online collections in museums around the world. At 3″ wide, this example seems likely to be the right size for closing a chlamys, and maybe just a bit big to wear with a peplos. I still do not believe this invalidates the arguments for buttons on both chitons and peploi, but I think it is possible that a disk fibula may have been what some artists were depicting with the round fasteners on the soldier’s cloak. I would like to see many more in order to believe that all round fasteners were intended to depict disk fibulae.

6th c BC Boetian bronze disk fibula, Louvre Museum

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