Madder Pink

I was doing some madder dye before Pennsic and tossed some linen into the exhaust. What came out is a pale pink. I find it very interesting, as the wool from that batch came out decidedly orange, despite the color of the bath being very purple and the alkalinity matching what I used to get my red wool. I need to play with this more to understand what about the wool itself caused the issue, though I suspect it was that the wool was cream instead of white and so the yellow tones of the fabric itself may have contributed to the orange coloring. It may have also been something about the acidity of the wool; each time I brought the ph up and left the bath, I would return to a decreased ph, suggesting that something was leaching into the water and making it more acidic. In any case, the pink reminded me of the cover of the
Gods in Color: Polychromy in the Ancient World book recommended by HE Leda Zipyos, so I think it quite likely that this color would have been familiar to the Greeks. It is non-mordanted linen put into the exhaust of a bath that was 150% madder with soda ash to increase ph to around 9.5-10.

IMG_0400 3IMG_0396 3

Edit: I was dyeing some wool red and tossed this linen back into the exhaust from that pot and it deepened from a bright baby pink to more of a dusty rose pink.


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