All the forest

I started shifting my persona to an Ancient Greek one in 2015. HE Leda was already well on her way to being a fantastic Greek resource. I remember chatting with her at a crown tournament in Spring 2016 (I think) and being inspired by her knowledge. She is one of those people who makes you want to lick her brain. I have a tendency to get sucked into the minutiae of a thing, the proverbial tree. Leda sees all of the forest. I try to get one dye to come out correctly on one garment; Leda has tackled the garment, and the shoes, and the head covering, and the hairstyle, and the jewelry, and oh, she’s also clothed an army while I’ve been dyeing one piece of wool. This is her strength. She has a website up with all of her amazing research and creations. Go look at it. Now. You’re welcome.

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