Pompeii-inspired fresco scroll

This scroll was commissioned by then-Princess Meisha of Cynagua for the captain of her guard. The basic techniques are the same as in the fresco-style knighting scroll, but the style is slightly different. The intended style is one that would have been recognizable in 1st century BCE Italy near Pompeii, and source material was chosen to reflect this. The inspiration for the figure was from the warrior fresco in the House of the Trojan Sacellum.warrior.jpg

Textures, colors, and framing came from these frescos in the Villa of P. Fannius Synistor at Boscoreale.texture1.jpg


The hand is based on examples of rustic capitals, but ultimately came out a bit Greek-y. (I blame this mostly on my modern-day engineer handwriting.) One of the challenges is that hard implements like metal pens can be difficult on the uneven, bumpy, and somewhat soft plaster. I had experimented with brushes, but had a too thin brush that required multiple strokes (and therefore was difficult to get a uniform appearance) and a too thick brush. The too thick brush was chosen ultimately because it got me closest to the intended style. This is the final scroll:





IMG_9044 (1).jpg