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Pleat-and-band Ionian Chiton

Documentation for this style can be found here: Pleat-and-band Ionian Chiton

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 12.14.29 PM


Half-circle Chlamys

There are two chlamys styles: rectangular and half-circle (or almond). In representations, the rectangular style has four points while the half-circle has two. The below image is the half-circle type. The evidence for this type is from Strabo’s Geography Book 2 Chapter 5: “Thus the length of the habitable earth is above twice its breadth. It has been compared in figure to a chlamys, or soldier’s cloak, because if every part be carefully examined, it will be found that its breadth is greatly diminished towards the extremities, especially in the west… That in configuration it resembles a chlamys is also clear, from the fact that at either end of its length, the extremities taper to a point.”