Vigil Tokens – Greek Coins by HE Zhigmun’

I need to brag on my friend for a moment. His Excellency, Sir Zhigmun’ Czypsser, formerly of Atenveldt who now lives in the East, made Greek-style coins for me to give as my vigil tokens at my contemplation of the Order of the Laurel. They are amazing. On one side is a head with laurel wreath and on the other is Artemis as the huntress with a dog and the Greek character lambda. Artemis was a deity very important to the Spartans as well as to me personally for what she represents, and lambda is both the first letter of my last name (persona AND modern) and is frequently associated with Sparta due to it being the capital of Lakonia, and dogs are just pretty much the best thing there is. They came out so beautifully, and I am really impressed with His Excellency’s skill. Even more, the post office LOST the first package, so he remade a second batch in no time at all and sent them the next day.

I am proud to call Sir Zhigmun’ my friend, and I am honored that he was willing to make these so I can give them to those who come to speak with me during my contemplation.


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